November 12, 2019

Team GO Rocket Leaders vs team leaders face-off recap!

Pokémon GO


We’ve received word from the team leaders that they’ve fought and defeated the Team GO Rocket Leaders! Since their initial meetings with each of Team GO Rocket’s leaders, the leaders of Team Instinct, Team Mystic, and Team Valor have practiced their battle strategies, learned from each other, and felt inspired by each of you to better prepare for their next battle. To catch up with the events that have led to this point, be sure to check out the Willow Report.

Here’s a recap of how the battles went.

Pokémon GO

Blanche vs Cliff

After Blanche and Cliff’s first meeting and messages challenging each other to battle, Blanche used the Rocket Radar to track Cliff’s location. The radar led the Team Mystic Leader back to the site of that first meeting. Cliff gave another warning, but this time, Blanche was not going to back down.

Battle Results

  • Team Mystic Pokémon remaining: 3
  • Team GO Rocket Pokémon remaining: 0
  • Team Mystic Leader Blanche, utilizing amazing accuracy, took the battle with a clean and effortless strategy and secured the win with all Pokémon remaining.
  • Team GO Rocket Leader Cliff, despite having incredibly strong Shadow Pokémon, chose to use all his shields too early in the battle, leaving his defenses wide open in the late game. The battle ended quickly, with Blanche as the victor.

While this battle was a clear win, Cliff retreated in anger, saying that Team GO Rocket will never be defeated. Blanche left the battle feeling sure that Cliff was planning to set up a new hideout to continue Team GO Rocket’s mission.

Pokémon GO

Spark vs Sierra

Ready to redeem Team Instinct and defend innocent Pokémon from being turned into Shadow Pokémon, Spark used the Rocket Radar and discovered Sierra at a nearby PokéStop. With Poké Balls in hand, Spark called out to the Team GO Rocket Leader, “Let’s battle!” Despite being startled and appearing slightly annoyed by the Team Instinct Leader’s challenge, Sierra accepted.

Battle Results

  • Team Instinct Pokémon remaining: 1
  • Team GO Rocket Pokémon remaining: 0
  • Team Instinct Leader Spark, with a strong and fast team, was evenly matched against Sierra’s Shadow Pokémon. The excitement of the battle fueled both opponents as they enjoyed the thrill of the matchup.
  • Team GO Rocket Leader Sierra showed a natural talent for battling, countering Spark’s Pokémon, but her experience wasn’t enough to defeat the energetic Team Instinct Leader. The battle was intense and almost ended in a tie, but Spark outmaneuvered Sierra and won the battle.

Sierra was clearly frustrated by Spark’s victory and quickly dismissed it. The Team GO Rocket Leader said that she and Spark were now even and that she’d taken pity on the unprepared team leader by going easy on him this time. While retreating, Sierra threatened that this was not the end and by far not their last battle.

Pokémon GO

Candela vs Arlo

Candela was ready to face Team GO Rocket Leader Arlo and was prepared for battle. The Team Valor Leader had an idea of where to find Arlo, and headed back to the Ponyta field where she had most recently seen him.Taking Willow’s words of wisdom to heart, Candela channeled all her fiery passion—along with what she’s learned from her fellow team leaders—into strategizing, resulting in a near-flawless battle tactic. As Candela approached the Ponyta field where she’d last seen the Team GO Rocket Leader she was looking for, Arlo emerged from the shadows, apparently having been lying in wait. Did Arlo hear about the previous two battles from Cliff and Sierra?

With a quick exchange of nods between the opponents, the battle began.

Battle Results

  • Team Valor Pokémon remaining: 3
  • Team GO Rocket Pokémon remaining: 1
  • Team Valor Leader Candela set the rules, saying she would not battle against Arlo’s Shadow Pokémon, instead demanding they use the same teams that she and Arlo had battled with in the past
  • Team GO Rocket Leader Arlo agreed to those terms, and the battle was intense from the very start. After two of Arlo’s Pokémon fainted, the Team GO Rocket Leader fled from the battle. Due to this exit, the win went to Team Valor.

Arlo hesitated to continue the battle once two of his Pokémon had fainted without taking down any of Candela’s. Another loss wasn’t an option for him. Candela took a step closer and said, “It doesn’t have to be this way. We could be a team again, like old times.” Disgust flashed across Arlo’s face as he spat out his reply: “I’m a leader now, and I don’t need your pity.” The Team GO Rocket Leader then abruptly turned around and fled without finishing the battle. Candela knew this wouldn’t be the last time they met.

Our team leaders and the Team GO Rocket Leaders have faced off, but this battle is not over. While they’ve retreated for now, Sierra, Cliff, and Arlo will set up more hideouts to continue their mission, and we must stop them. Stay alert, as they might be targeting your area.

Team GO Rocket’s boss, Giovanni, is out there, and we need accomplished Trainers to face him and show him that the world of Pokémon GO will not be taken over! Professor Willow has Special Research that will prepare you to take on the one and only Giovanni. Do you have what it takes to defeat Giovanni and secure your area against this threat?

—The Pokémon GO team